Sunday, May 22, 2016

Grab The Dream That Picked You!

the world Karatbars is a solution to a Worldwide problem, not just in your City, State, or Country, but in Every Country around the world. MarketHive gives you the ability to reach beyond your backyard, into communities around the world via the internet. You got involved with Karatbars to make a difference in your life and the lives of countless others. Now rise to Greatness, and share this message with the world in your homeland and outside your homeland. Let MarketHive help you. And let's help each other. Let this page be your worker bee's. It is very versatile. You can use it to peak the interest. And you can use it for your follow-up. You can use it to get your new people started. There are countless ways to use it. All the necessary pieces are there. All is missing is YOU. I have been working home based businesses since before many of you were born, getting into my first one in '1972' called Amway. I have been in one of some kind, every year, since that time, along side my J.O.B. I have forgotten more businesses that I have been in, than most of you have involved yourselves in your Entire life. I have been in Karatbars since July 27th, 2013. I quit my J.O.B. in my 9th month with Karatbars. I have learned a lot, and I am still learning. I have learned a lot since meeting my friend, Thomas Prendergast, too. There is nothing out there that can do all that MarketHive can for your business. It can make the difference in your marketing. It has for me. You are witnessing it! This "Do You Have 8-Minutes" page has signed up people without my talking to them. It's POWERFUL!!! Know this, my friends! This is just the first step in our team's offensive in taking Karatbars to the World at large. MarketHive will be the platform from which we will launch our offense. And our "Do You Have 8-Minutes" page is only one of our weapons. There will be others. From time to time, we will be sharing different ways to get more exposure for your page. This is an International Movement! And we are "In It To Win It!" My question to you is this, "Do You Have The Courage To GRAB The DREAM That Picked YOU?" <=== CLICK IT! I wish you much success, William P. Eason - Your Senior Partner ->>Go here to open an account